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domestic cleaning London

If your existing domestic cleaner is not giving you the best cleaning service you have expected, then it is the right time to hire a new one. Our cleaning company offering honest and reliable professional cleaners to small, corporate and medium size businesses in London. Many of our clients have used the services of unprofessional cleaning companies in the past, since then they have learnt and now they using our services with confidence.

Our domestic cleaning service has proved to be very efficient and affordable for private residents, landlords or businesses wanting to have a full time or part time help. We have manged to achieve excellent standards also for other services like ironing and housekeeping.

Why our clients are happy and why they trust us? We offer not only professional cleaning but also guarantee this with excellent results, our approach is different from other cleaning companies. We are ready to show how we can improve and maintain the condition of your property. All of our house cleaners are trained on safety key holding, they are dedicated, ethical and responsible and will give their best to protect your home or business premises. Our cleaning company always looking to build lasting and productive partnership.

CCL Cleaners London has an approach to domestic cleaning in London that is geared in the direction of using our level of insight, that experience thought us something. We are fully aware of how working, travelling or engaging with business duties can be a time consuming problem for clients, that’s why we like our professional maids to help you as much as they can.

If you wish to book a domestic cleaner this can be done on weekly or fortnightly basis. Our professional cleaners are fully trained and insured and before we use one we provide them with very intensive house cleaning training.

Why choose CCL Cleaners London :

  • Vetted and professional cleaners.
  • Same cleaner on every visit.
  • Security is essential part of our domestic cleaning service -safe key-holding.
  • Ironing, house keeper, shopping, flower watering, gardening can be arranged.
  • Necessary replacement when cleaner is in annual leave, sickness etc.
  • No long length contracts.
  • Wide range of payment methods.
  • Pay only when the cleaning is done, usually after month.
  • We will invoice client once a month.
  • Dedicated support team, you can contact us at anytime.

Quality Policy :

  • Our cleaning company trying to achieve continual improvements.
  • Professional and prompt response, answering 24/7 special cleaning requirements.
  • Professional domestic cleaners, outcome: satisfied clientele.
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